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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I am Done....

Well last night I gave up... I hate quitting but this was it.
Last night before I went to be. I was standing by the dinner table looking down at my pack of cigarettes. I was disgusted by them.. My life was being controlled by a damn paper stick filled with cancerous material. I counted them. There were 7 of them left. 7 is the number of God. I felt like it was a sign that it was time to stop.. So I stood over the toilet and broke each one in half and flushed them.. Shit belongs in the toilet so that's why these went there.. I will be honest sometimes I enjoy a fine tobacco product. I have been smoking since I was 15 and I am 23 now.. I have a whole life ahead of me.. Just think what I could spend all the extra money on, extra gear, more chases, ect.. Plus my health..
I am always scared I am just going to fall over and die from smoking.. No more will I live with all that. I am really done for good. Cold Turkey. If anybody else want to try and quit with me we can act as a support for each other. I have tried quitting before but this time it feels like it will be easier.

I will be posting another blog late tonight about driving around DFW.. It should be a good read


Shane Adams said...

When a person is truly ready to quit, truly WANTS to, they don't need help. All they need is determination. I was an 11-year smoker until 1998, when I quit cold turkey. Over the next several years I still smoked socially, but I stopped carrying them any only bought them on nights out with friends, at the end of which, I'd give whatever was left in the pack away. On December 30, 2003, I figured it was stupid to be a "social" smoker, and quit for good. I haven't had one since, and I don't miss them one bit. I was ready.

Good luck!!!

TornadoWitch said...

Good on you for getting up the guts to quit. One day I will as well, but as I said if I quit smoking people will end up dead and I will end up behind bars. Can't chase much with iron bars in front of ya lol. Try to look at it this way... you owned that pack of smokes, they did not own you! Good luck. :-).

p said...

not sure if I should comment and please feel free to delete but you can do it, after 15 years I did. focus on the money, it's all about the money and the fistfuls you'll be saving. every week in the short term, treat yourself to a small purchase as tangible reminder. as your health improves with each day the whole process gets easier. be sure to get rid of the visuals and spray hella febreze to stymie any tempting aromas. sounds extreme but works.