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Monday, December 29, 2008

Just bored and SDS attack.

Well christmas was fun and games, Having to close on Christmas Eve and Open on Post Christmas day was shitty. So my Holiday flew right by me but still spent time with family and got some nice gifts. Including a dandy new USB Cam!! Now I can Stream Live Video!

Now Severe Studios. I registered with them oh, almost a week ago now. Still waiting on freaking approval. Is there 10,000 people signing up for Severe Studios? My GOD! I didn't expect it to take this long.

December 26th. BIG WEATHER DAY! Yeah right.... I should have gone with my original forecast like I said the first time.. Linear Bullshit and thats what happened. But hey it is December and I just got a new cam so I stayed up all night for fucking nothing... I still think the SPC is on crack. The shear was not there for tornadoes. Way unidirectional. I got all mixed up into all the hype this set up got. I don't understand why December 8th didn't get this much attention. Hell at least there were supercells and they were before midnight.

I would like to bring up something that really pisses me off. We all experience it. Some of us everyday some of us every now and then.. I like to call them Fucking Idiots AKA Bad Drivers.
I don't know why the hell they think they could possibly be in more of a hurry then me. Cutting me off from the shoulder, Cutting acrross 3 lanes to make a fucking exit, riding my ass, coming to a complete stop just to turn the damn steering wheel( Hey thanks for stopping traffic so you could pull into that damn McDonalds) . Whats even worse. The person who is oblivious that there is a tornado coming right at you and they are going 30 mph on a 70 mph highway. To me speed signs mean shit when there is a tornado 1/2 mile away and coming at you. This happend to me 04-23-2009. Like I said earlier. Fucking Idiots. Really though there are too many bad drivers out there. It just really really gets under my skin.

Well I have still have been smoke free for a WEEK.. This is the first time in over 2 years I have been able to go this long with out ANY tobacco! I feel so much better. I actually wake up with energy. I still get cravings but nothing like I did after the first couple of days. All I have to say is that it is all a mind game and you just need to quit. It sucks. I have managed to be at the Gas Station to buy a drink and not ask for some smokes. I have a pride when I walk out of the building that I am winning the war!

Hope everybody has a safe and happy new year!


Steve Miller said...

Just imagine the money you're saving for chase season too! No more cigs!

Unknown said...

Sorry guys, I don't have a streaming sign up from any of you guys on this blog.

Plus, it was the holidays so we took some time off. Sorry for the delay.

If you can email info/at/severestudios.com we will get it straightened out.