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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

12/08/2008 Collin and Grayson County,, Bagged my first December Tornado!!

Well a very interesting day it turned out to be. After staring at data all day trying to determine if I should head south to Hillsboro Tx, or hanging out near Denton-Ft Worth area. Well I decided to head just north of Fort Worth in Keller and wait for the skinny little squall to come rain down on me. I kept an eye on the VILs and played around with one of the stronger cells. I didn't follow the cells for very long as they started to break apart and looked cruddy. I then noticed the storm on the North end of the line start to organize ( what would soon be the grayson county storm )and then soon after went Severe. I then noticed the storm I had just let get pass me start taking root, hauled butt over to 35E and then east on 121 and punched it where I experienced strong winds and blinding rainfall. While I was driving over to 35e the grayson storm went TOR warned.. I finally got into McKinney and the cell I was on went TOR and I went east on 380 to Princeton, once I got just a little east of Princeton inflow winds were feeding into the storm at estimated over 50 mph, Very rich, warm moist air. As I was crossing Lake Lavon heading to Farmersville I saw a powerflash to my N and and another one, The powerflash exposed a beautiful high contrast cone, I was on the phone with WFAA in Dallas and reported this to them, I tried to grab some photos of the tornado but all my pictures came out black. Shortly after seeing the tornado the cell started falling apart as it got close to Bonham. I then got into Celeste and called my BIL, We met up and headed to Dension to see if it was wind Damage that had occured or Tornado. The damage in Denison indeed looked like tornado damage. Insulation was in all the trees and powerlines, trees up rooted, limbs all twisted, metal wrapped around trees and powerpoles, roofs ripped of home.. Here are few photos of the Grayson County Storm Damage.

Sorry to anybody that reads this I haven't posted on here in a long time... Just haven't messed with this blog too much.. I will be using it alot more here from now on.

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Dann Cianca said...

Congrats man ... my SDS is killin' me ... must have been nice to get a fix. :)