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Home of Storm Chasers Erik and Amanda Burns
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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

News..Whats going on lately and Need a New Chase Partner

Well not really much to say. Weather has been extremely boring. With Storm Season hopefully about a month and a half away and my brother in law Ricky moving I am looking for some new chase partners. Even though gas is cheaper, I still would like to have help while chasing so I can get more and better footage.. I just have so much trouble doing it all by myself.. So if anybody is interested contact me at MesoSearch@gmail.com . My cousin who just moved down is getting into it, He has alot to learn though still. Tagging along with me more often will give him more experience.. Chris Harrell one of the MesoSearch chasers can only chase on weekends but will be going on a pretty extensive chasecation this year. We will see how that turns out. Should be awesome.

MesoSearch has added some new toys to the rig. We are now doing GPS tracking and severe WX reporting through http://www.spotternetwork.org/ . We will also be doing live streaming as well this season. More details on the streaming as the season gets closer. We will be also striving to get as much footage as possible this year and come out with our first ever chase DVD. It's not official but we are trying for it.. It will include footage from 08 and 09. Hopefully we will have the http://mesosearch.net/ site up and running. It has said content coming soon for almost a year. I have been working on the site off and on for several months

For my DFW people we chase for ABC Channel 8 WFAA in Dallas so when severe weather is near the metroplex keep an eye on channel 8 news to see our live interviews, footage and reports from the field.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

The MSIV ( MesoSearch Intercept Vehicle )

Well not what I really call it but hey it mocks The Discovery Channels " Storm Chasers" TIV.
It has been my work in progress getting this truck where I want. I have chased in it several times. I wanted to have it set up so it could be organized and easy to put together and take down. Nothing fancy really. There are a lot nicer set ups then this. I like it. I had to put the stickers on the tailgate to show off this blog!! Hopefully people will visit it. The word Dominating is a powerful word and one to make people wonder why the hell the word dominating would be on a truck.. Well it's because it is just that. DOMINATING! I am not done with the truck I am still going to add a Anemometer/Weather station. It will do all the cool geeky stuff. I am still thinking about HAM radio for the truck then it will be done.. I need to get my ham license.
Currently in the Truck I have:
Magellan Explorist 400 GPS
Logitech 5 megapixel Cam
In Dash USB Hub
Tethered Blackberry for Internet
Dell Precision M65 w/ Intel Centrino Duo core processor (dominating)
3 way dc adapter
power inverters
and an awesome wooden crate that has been modified to be a laptop mount. Works very well actually.
Programs and Software:
Spotter Chat
Logitech Quikcam
I do not consider this a lot compared to what some people have in their cars. It gets the job done. Everyone feel free to leave a comment!

Please excuse the ugly dude wearing the blue storm chaser T-shirt..