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Friday, December 19, 2008

This isn't really weather related but it ticks me off..

So I am at work yesterday and this guys comes in. He asked to look at the GPS units. We get to talking a little bit. He asked me how often I use GPS. I told him I use it quite a bit for storm chasing. His face lights up and he says " I love watching that show on Discovery Channel ". I asked him what side he liked, Josh Wurmans or Reed Timmers. He said the guys in the Grey Tahoe ( Reeds Team). I said "Reed is a good guy and fun to chase with. We have chased a couple of times together this year before the start of the filming of the show." Well to make a long story short the guy basically looks at me like I am a liar and said in a round about way "why would a Storm Chaser who has chased with somebody like Reed Timmer be working at a retail store"... Then he just started treating me like complete shit..

So before he left with the GPS I wrote down my addresses to my websites including this one.. So I hope he reads this.. ROFLMAO!! I am sure he probably threw them into the garbage.

Just because I don't have a fucking TV show to "prove" that I am a storm chaser doesn't give you the right to treat me like shit.. I don't care if you believe me or not! I don't expect for you to jump up and down in joy because you met a storm chaser.. If you believe me or not DO NOT treat me like shit..

People just don't get it.. With all the glam that the media puts out. They make us storm chasers look like we make an ass load of money chasing storms and that's all we do... As we all know allot of us have regular jobs. Yes.. Some of us do well at making a living out of chasing but we all know that's a long hard road to get to, that most of us will never see.

The general public will never understand storm chasing. How it works, The people that do it, Why we do it, and whats put into it.. You know what. I am glad it's that way. I am proud to be part of something that not just anybody can do.. I don't need to watch the 5 o'clock news to see what the weather is going to do.

Damn I hate Winter it makes me a dick.

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Shane Adams said...

That guy is a classic example of a load that woulda been better spent on a headboard, on a sheet, or running down some chick's leg. I can't stand the way "average" people try to judge something they don;t understand, instead of just accepting the fact "hey, this is something I don;t know shit about", and then moving on. Great post BTW, I love to see someone besides myself being a dick. It really does heal the soul LOL.