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Monday, February 22, 2016

Storm Chasing Tour Season 2016 is coming! Are you ready?

Business is starting to pick up and there is a few thing to do before we start tours! We are super excited about this season with some of the ENSO outlooks showing a possible transition from our strong El Nino into a La Nina later this year. There is no hard solid proof but there has been a trend in some years that there is an increase of severe weather and tornadoes during this type of transitional phase. So something to keep our finger crossed for and hope that if there is an increase that the weather behaves and stays over open terrain where we can enjoy them.

We currently have a great special right now that runs until the end of February. The New Years Resolution discount. All storm chasing tours are now $250.00! You can view this here current special for a more affordable storm chasing tour.

We also have included on call storm chasing day tours to our offerings. This is a great opportunity for folks who don't have the time for a week long tour. It is free to sign up for on-call storm chasing day tours. Once you are on the waiting list and we are forecasting a promising severe weather event with high tornado potential we will contact you to see if you are on board. If it is a go for you we will collect payment and hold your seat on the van. If for some reason we lose confidence in the forecasted event we will contact you to let you know that it is no longer a "go" and we will promptly refund your money. On-call storm chasing is $325.00 per person.

I will have another post here shortly. The new van is about to get fully rigged and it is going to be SWEET! I am confident we will have one of the best storm chasing tour vans in the industry packed with useful technology!

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