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Home of Storm Chasers Erik and Amanda Burns
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Sunday, February 28, 2016

On Call Storm Chasing Tours

We are offering day tours for the 2016 storm season! This is a great opportunity for anybody who wants to experience the thrill of chasing without taking a week off work or are pressed for time. It is easy to sign up and no cost to get on the waiting list. 

We offer our day tours outside of our scheduled tours. If we don't have a 7 day tour booked during a particular period or anytime the conditions are favorable for tornadoes and supercells day tours will be available!
How it works! Once you are on the sign up sheet and a great chase day looks promising in our forecast we will call you within 48 of the potential chase. You let us know if you are on our not! If you are a go a payment will be due before the chase begins. If for some reason we have any doubts about a potential day we will call off the chase and fully refund your payment. 

The meeting place of our day tours depends on where our target area is for the days chase.  This will be discussed with you before the tour begins. You are responsible for your travel to the base location. 

To sign up visit our on call storm chasing tour page! We hope to see you in Storm Season 2016!

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