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Monday, February 8, 2010

The Season is a coming!! Are you Ready?

I am 100% prepared. I made alot of upgrades to the chase vehicle this year hoping to make getting information easier, drive in comfort, get the most out of my gear and having it last longer with less wear and tear. Also created the rig so no matter what is going on a camera will always be rolling capturing the action.

Some of the upgrades.

HD Dash cam for streaming and recording
Lap Top Mount
800 watt power inverter
13 powered USB hubs
Toggle switch installed for the light bar
Concealment of wires
New wiring for some of the electronics
New GPS software.
Upgraded GPS tracking

Also just some of the modifications and better organization makes everything so much better to be around all day. The less baby sitting I have to do the better my chase is and the more chasing I get to enjoy.

The MesoSearch.net site is also up. It will be the place where I archive videos and photos as well as ground zero for my live stream, media contact information, facebook and twitter updates. Please visit at http://mesosearch.net/ I will continue to post blogs here since it is easy to do so and is tied right into my site.

I am really hoping for 2010 to be a great chase year. 2009 was slow for tornadoes for me as well as several others. 2 on February 10 , 1 on May 1 and 2 on June 10th. February 10th as we all know was the Day of the Lone Grove EF4. That I saw and reported more then 10 minutes before the town of Lone Grove was struck. Very bitter sweet. I got to Experience the largest tornado of 2009 but yet it takes lives. I did everything I could. I reported it. Everything after that is in Gods Hands.

I hope to chase in states this year I have not yet chased in before. I have been to NM, CO, OK,TX,KS,NE,SD,AR. I would like to venture to IL, IA and maybe IN. Hell if we get another good looking day in WY I will chase it.

I made alot of new friends in 09 and hope to enjoy a chase or 2 with them.

As some of you already know that I am one of the host of the web based show dubbed The Debris Show. You can check it out on Saturday nights at http://saturdayaftermath.com/ Watch as storm chasers Shane Adams, Bridget Geaughen, David Reimer and my self discuss, debate, bitch and rant about the subjects and drama taking place in the world of storm chasing. Not recomended for younger viewers, those with sensitive ears or closed minds!

On the last note I would like to bring up the great service provided by http://chasertv.com/
Their streaming service for chasers is hands down the best available. $40 a year and your set. Scott Bennet and Steve Miller will take care of you. They are good to their words and very professional. So if your interested in streaming this year I promise you will not be dissapointed. Shane Adams uses it, David Drummond, Lanny Dean, Connor McCrorey and your truly. If these names in chasing use it there are no reasons to go anywhere else! ( BTW I am not getting a thing for saying any of this)

Hopefully this blog post didn't bore the hell out of ya. I would like for my next to be a SVR WX forecast. Keeping my fingers crossed. Thank for reading.



chavarria photography said...

yo just wanted to tell you i hope to run into you if you ever in my neck of the woods down in TEXAS!!!! AND THAT WAS NOT A BORING BLOG AT ALL.

MesoSearch.net said...

Ha! Thanks for reading. I live in Fort Worth!

chavarria photography said...

cool maybe we can chase some of the same storms some time