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Sunday, January 4, 2009

The MSIV ( MesoSearch Intercept Vehicle )

Well not what I really call it but hey it mocks The Discovery Channels " Storm Chasers" TIV.
It has been my work in progress getting this truck where I want. I have chased in it several times. I wanted to have it set up so it could be organized and easy to put together and take down. Nothing fancy really. There are a lot nicer set ups then this. I like it. I had to put the stickers on the tailgate to show off this blog!! Hopefully people will visit it. The word Dominating is a powerful word and one to make people wonder why the hell the word dominating would be on a truck.. Well it's because it is just that. DOMINATING! I am not done with the truck I am still going to add a Anemometer/Weather station. It will do all the cool geeky stuff. I am still thinking about HAM radio for the truck then it will be done.. I need to get my ham license.
Currently in the Truck I have:
Magellan Explorist 400 GPS
Logitech 5 megapixel Cam
In Dash USB Hub
Tethered Blackberry for Internet
Dell Precision M65 w/ Intel Centrino Duo core processor (dominating)
3 way dc adapter
power inverters
and an awesome wooden crate that has been modified to be a laptop mount. Works very well actually.
Programs and Software:
Spotter Chat
Logitech Quikcam
I do not consider this a lot compared to what some people have in their cars. It gets the job done. Everyone feel free to leave a comment!

Please excuse the ugly dude wearing the blue storm chaser T-shirt..

1 comment:

TornadoWitch said...

The truck is looking good, will be sweet for chasing :-)... If you dig all that tech stuff lmao! You are such a weather geek ;-)